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Winter Wonderland Week 1

Our story for this week is:

The Bear Who Went Boo!

 by David Walliams


Listen to the story using the YouTube link below.

Talk about the pictures and look for words you know as you read it. 

What’s your favourite part of the story? 

Can you describe the characters?

Draw a picture of yourself and someone or something you could scare

with ‘Boo’ written in a speech bubble.


The Bear Who Went Boo (David Walliams)

Optional Activity Ideas

 1. Polar bear craft - Make a paper plate polar bear.




Polar Bear Craft

See Pinterest for more craft ideas 💡 

2. New Year Pencil Play Activity


Pencil Play - New Year

3. Look at the recipe for snow and have a go at making your own!


Snow Recipe

4. Retell the story using your cuddly toys.



Revise sounds s a t p i n c k e h m r d



Sound Cards

Our sound for the week is:



Sing along with the 'g' song from Jolly Phonics (see link below.) Learn the action and practise saying the sound.


Complete the first page in your sound homework book.


Can you think of any words that start with ‘g’.


Sound Game

You might like to play this Sound Game.

1. Place your sound cards face down.

2. Choose a card, turn it over and say the sound out loud.

3. Try to find objects around your home that begin with that sound.

How many objects can you find?

4. Repeat with some other sounds.


Enjoy! smiley

Jolly Phonics "g" Sounds

High Frequency Word Revision


Go over all the words you know so far either with your word cards or using the balloon powerpoint below


Word Game

Try playing this game. Gather some small toys such as figures,Lego, small teddies etc. Place all word cards face down. Turn over one at a time. If you know the word, say it and then cover it with one of your toys!


Have fun! smiley

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