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Week 5

Hello everyone,

Literacy this week is a bit different. We will be using an ICT task based on Titanic. In this task there are lots of different sections with different activities to choose from. Within the task there are three sections and in these you are given a choice of which activity to complete. Normally we would do this in ICT and follow the instructions closely, however this week I would like you to choose the tasks that interest you. Some of these involve researching passengers, while others involve making a newspaper front page or a Powerpoint, so enjoy yourselves and see what you can find out.

You can use a range of programs to complete these tasks. If you have a computer with Windows, you can use Office. On Apple devices you can get Pages, Keynote and Numbers for free and these will do the same things as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Explain Everything is another free App that allows you to be creative.

If you don't have access to any of these programs, lots of these activities can be completed on paper.

Enjoy yourselves this week and remember to send us some of your completed work so that we can see how well you are doing.

Titanic Task Complete File

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