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As part of our sound topic we explore body percussion. Watch the video of the performers using their bodies to create different sounds. It is quite long so just pick some little snippets to watch.  

Then see what sounds you can create using your body.  

Stomp Live - Part 3 - Just clap your hands

Third part of Stomp Live

Have a go singing the songs below adding in your own body percussion.

This is the way Tune ; Here we go round the Mulberry Bush


This is the way we clap our hands

Clap our hands , clap our hands.

This is the way we clap our hands.

Clap our hands ….Stamp our feet ….Click our fingers ….Rub our hands ….Slap our knees etc….


Stamp and Clap Tune: London Bridge


Stamp your feet and clap your hands

Stamp your feet, clap your hands

Stamp your feet and clap your hands

We’ll stamp and clap

Other suggestions Click your fingers, touch your head, tap your knees, rub your hands etc

Each month in school, a year group takes it in turns to feed the birds. February is P.2.s month. It is also, the RSPB big garden bird watch next week. Below you can find out how to make a bird feeder and a guide to identify different garden birds. 

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