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Week 1

Week 1 - Numeracy

Welcome to online learning for P6.

Each week Mr Gullen and Mrs McDougall will upload some Numeracy activities for you to do.

You can complete the worksheets in your pink books, just as you would in school, or you can print out your worksheet.

Don't forget that you can email us:

Mr Gullen   

Mrs McDougall

If find this work tricky and want to try the work for the Squares first, go for it. Some of the work will be the same.

This week we have various types of diagrams for data handling. Make sure you look at the power points to help you to understand.

Our suggested order for this week is;

Monday - Types of Charts intro powerpoint

                 Pie Chart intro powerpoint

                 Pets Pie Chart

Tuesday - Carroll Diagram powerpoint

                 Carroll Diagram activity

Wednesday - Venn Diagram powerpoint

                  Online Venn Diagram activity

Thursday - 2D shape properties tables 1 and 2

Friday - to follow - an activity grid with various challenges.

Remember to learn your number facts too. This week we will revise x2, x3, x4, x5 tables. You have the tables in your Spellings and Tables book but they will be uploaded here too.

Mental Maths - one section per day as usual

Fruit Carroll Diagram - sorting using two criteria

Venn Diagrams Set of Questions

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