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Week 10 - Week beginning 15th March

Week 10 – Area


This week in Maths we are looking at area.  Area is defined as the total amount of surface something covers.  So we can work out the area of shapes, football pitches even the area of the entire planet!  This week we will revise how to calculate area by simply counting squares before moving on to look at how we can calculate area using the measurements of a shape’s length and breadth (how long and wide something is). 


To do this we multiply the length by the breadth.  So if a rectangle has a length of 4cm and a breadth of 5cm, to calculate the area we would say 4 x 5 = 20cm2.  We always put a little two high in the sky after the units to show they are squared. 


The online tasks and activities this week will help you to practise these skills and learn lots more about area.  Please remember to send through your work by email or Seesaw to your class teacher when you have it done.  This is really important as we love to see all the hard work you are putting in at home. 


Have a great week!


Online Activities

Online Activity 1 - Calculating Area

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