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Week 11 - 15/06/20

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Mentally add 2 to any number within 10.  

Powerpoint: Which holds more? Click on which object holds more each time. 

Practical: Select some identical containers e.g. glasses, mugs or yogurt pots. Fill them up with different amounts of water and let your child order them from the least amount of water to the most. Then challenge them to fill up the containers from least to most.

Worksheet:  Cut and stick the containers in order from empty to full. Can your child tell you why they have chosen each container to go where? Encourage them to use the language - full, empty, half full or empty, nearly full or empty.

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Mentally subtract 2 from any number within 10.  

Video: Numberjacks - The Container Drainer 

Practical: Using different sized containers allow the children to experiment with filling them up. Can they make the containers full or half full?

Worksheet:  Colour the containers to make them full, half full or empty. 

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Mentally add single digits to 10 E.g. 10+4, 10+7...  

Powerpoint: Potions Powerpoint  

Practical: Your child will become a wizard who makes magic potions. Using a range of liquids (or coloured waters) and different containers let your child explore and experiment adding different amounts to make potions. 

Worksheet:  Draw the ingredients needed to make the potion. What will your potion do?

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths:  Mentally add single digits to 10 E.g. 10+4, 10+7...

Powerpoint: Capacity quiz

Worksheet:  Try out some of these challenge cards today and tomorrow.  

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