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Licence to enter school Premises

Short Guide For Parents & Guardians


Parental Visits to School

The partnership between home and school is of vital importance in ensuring the best possible education for all our children. Ours school prides itself on having developed good communications with home and these provide a range of opportunities for parents and guardians to consult with the school on any matter regarding the education or well-being of their son or daughter. These opportunities include:


  1. Formal parents' meetings to discuss the overall progress of each pupil.
  2. Informal contact by means of phone calls, emails or notes about routine matters such as medical appointments or illness or matters of urgent family importance.
  3. Meetings arranged by appointment to discuss any matter which the parent(s)or school wishes to raise regarding the education, behaviour or welfare of a pupil.


The school is happy to provide this range of opportunities to talk to any parents and guardians and would welcome any realistic suggestions as to how such contacts and communications could be further developed.


Contact Arrangements

Our Prospectus, welfare policies and leaflets explain the correct routes to follow should there be any concerns. Our open-door policy encourages both home and school to raise concerns early to enable prompt attention to such matters.


Board of Governors Policy

In order to ensure that all parental contact operates in the best interest of each child's education and well-being we would ask you to note the following points, which have been discussed and agreed by the Board of Governors.


  • Parent/guardians should not visit the school without appointment other than as part of those matters mentioned in point 2 above.
  • On arrival in school parents/guardians should make themselves known to the office. This would also apply to anyone accompanying them.
  • Anyone other than parent/guardian will only be permitted to take part in discussions by prior agreement.
  • Parents/guardians or others must not go directly to classrooms not talk to any teacher or pupil without prior approval.
  • All discussions should be carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Courteous, tolerant and non-aggressive behaviour is expected.


Breakdown of Policy Agreement

In the very rare event of any of these points not being followed we would ask you to note the policy of the Board of Governors:


  1. The Board of Governors reserves the right to withdraw a parent's/guardian's licence to enter the school premises. Depending on circumstances a verbal or written warning may or may not be issued in advance of such action.
  2. Any proposal to withdraw a parent's/guardian's licence will be communicated in writing to the parent/guardian. This will include an opportunity to responds in writing within one working week to the proposed action.
  3. After that time any decision to withdraw the licence to enter school premises will be communicated in writing to the parent/guardian.
  4. Parents/guardians will have a right of appeal in person or in writing to an appeals' committee of the Board of Governors whose decision is final.
  5. Any such decision is open to review buy the Board of Governors at a later date.


Procedure to Contact School

How to raise a matter of concern:




1. If it is a personal family matter contact the Principal, by phone.

An appointment will be arranged immediately if possible and/or if necessary.

2. If it is an issue regarding class work you should firstly phone the school

and make an appointment to meet with the class teacher.

3. If you are still concerned you should arrange to talk to 

Mrs Gourley or the V.P. in her absence.

4. As in all unresolved matters if you are still concerned you can talk/write

to the Chairman of the Board of Governors.





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