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1st - 5th June

This week we would like the children to find out about different plants that grow in the rainforest.  Your child needs to watch the videos and then look at the information on the two screenshots taken form the Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids: Rainforest app we use in school.  They then need to answer the questions on the Rainforest Plants worksheet and identify the different fruits on the Rainforest Fruits worksheet (they may need to use Google Images or similar for some of the more obscure fruits!)  There are optional extension activities on both of these sheets: research other rainforest plants from around the world on the first one and design a recipe card for a rainforest ice cream sundae using the information provided on the second.

Planet Earth - Jungles Part 3

Planet Earth - Jungles Part 4

Planet Earth - Jungles Part 11

Planet Earth - Jungles Part 14

BBC Studios

Tree and plant life in the jungle

BBC Studios

How the fig tree strangles other plants in the rainforest

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