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Activities for Week Beginning 25/01/21


The Snowman's Coat Science Experiment

We love doing this experiment with the P1s each year.  It's very simple to do and the outcome is usually different to what the children predict will happen.

The Youtube video below will explain how to do the experiment.

When doing this experiment in school, we just make 2 large ice cubes by freezing water in plastic cups.

Once frozen, remove the ice and place on a dish or tray.

Place a sock over one of the ice cubes.

Encourage your child to talk about which one will melt the quickest and why?

After a while, check the ice and discuss the outcome with your child.

The sock has kept the ice cold and stopped it from melting as quickly.

Can you dance along to this snowman song? Just remember to stop when you hear 'FREEZE'!

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