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Promoting Positive Behaviour


The school operates a policy for the promotion of positive behaviour. The emphasis of this policy is on rewarding good behaviour. The children, through negotiation, set the rules within each class. If the rules are broken then a series of sanctions is applied. Before behaviour becomes a problem, parents will be informed and their help sought. 


Red/Green cards

Behaviour policy for break and lunchtime


At Victoria Park our policy is to reward and praise good behaviour. We want children to become responsible for themselves, and understand there are consequences for inappropriate behaviour. One of the systems we use within KSl in our school involves the use of red and green cards. This is how it works.



Green Cards


  • A green card is issued when a child is seen to be following a rule.
  • Green cards are given by teachers, supervisors and classroom assistants.
  • They can be given in the playground or dinner hall.
  • When a child receives 5 green cards they get a 'gold' one. Ten green cards mean a special certificate in assembly.
  • The class with the most green cards gets a certificate and a trophy each week.


Red Cards


  • A red card is issued immediately if the following 3 rules are broken:
  1. We show respect for adults
  2. We stay in the playground area
  3. We play safely and kindly together.
  • If other rules are broken three warnings will be given before a red card is given.
  • The child will be given 'time out' from playtime.
  • The red card will be followed up by the class teacher and parents informed when appropriate.
  • The child has to get two green cards to cancel the red
  • If behaviour persists, alternative arrangements will have to be made for that child.


We would like to stress that red cards are issued sparingly and that a very small percentage of children receive them on a regular basis. Green cards promote good behaviour and contribute towards a happy and safe environment for all children.








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