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This week we are going to listen to a story about a boy called Lenny who is evacuated during the war. The story is called The Lion and the Unicorn . Listen to the story first and then answer the questions about it. You can start and stop the story as many times as you like when you're doing this. We're also going to be doing some work on the past tense. Remember to watch the video first then try the questions.There is a quiz for you about nouns, verbs and adjectives. If you could put your name in as the first answer then I will know whose answers they are when they come back to me! As it's Mother's day on  Sunday we are going to have a go at writing a poem for a Mother's Day card. Remember you can ask us if you have any questions about the work.
This week we will be learning about adverbs for the first time! Watch the videos to help you before you start your work. We will also be learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and there is a sorting activity to go with this. On Friday you are going to be writing a report on an Anderson shelter. Look at the information then write a sentence in each box. You can add some pictures and an interesting fact if you want too! Remember to take photos of your lovely work and send them to us on Seesaw.
This week we will be learning about contractions. That's when you put two words together like we are to make a new shorter word like we're. We will also be looking at some punctuation work. You're also going to have a go at writing a winter story. Watch the videos to help you before you start the activity. Remember to send us photos on Seesaw when you have finished.

Weekly planning for 04/01/21

This week we will be revising adjectives, nouns, verbs and basic punctuation. You can print out the worksheets or just copy the work onto a page. You can watch the powerpoints and Youtube links to help explain key words.

Verb Rap Song

I am not taking any credit for this video. It's posted on Teacher Tube. Just wanted to make a playlist with all the wonderful parts of speech videos.

The Kids Block Nouns Episode

This episode of the Kids Block was designed to inspire early basic reading & writing skills for preschool children through music and rhythmic learning. www....

English Lesson Song for Kids: The 'Adjective' Song | Learn through music and rap with MC Grammar

Play this song and rap along to learn all about adjectives. This rhymes and raps in this song will teach you how important this part of speech is, how adjec...

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