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Activities for Week Beginning 18/5/20

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Numbers within 2

(from 18/5/20)

Numbers within 3

(from 20/5/20)


Number Revision

* Watch Numberblocks and Numbertime 8.

* Look at a numberline. What comes before/ after 8.  Find 1 more/ 1 less than 8.

* Practise writing number 8.

* Make groups of 8 objects from around the house or outside in the garden.

* Practise careful counting and writing numbers using the worksheet below.


Numberblocks: Eight

Number 8

Double Numbers

Ladybirds are a great way to practise doubles as they have the same amount of spots on either side!


To explore double numbers with your child you can-

Draw a blank ladybird or use the printable one in the link below.

Explain that ‘double’ is two groups of the same or the same thing added twice. 

Put 2 objects (eg buttons, pasta, stones, lego etc) on one side of the ladybird.

Tell your child you are going to double 2 by putting the same number of objects on the other side.

Count all the objects and say the maths sentence 'Double 2 is equal to 4'.

Encourage your child to repeat the maths sentence after you.

Repeat with a different number.


Have a go at practising double numbers using the worksheet below.


Join in with the Doubles Rap!

Numberblocks - Double Numbers

O'clock Times


This weeks story is also great for practising o'clock times.

In school, during our Maths Meetings we had introduced o'clock times.

Remind your child that when the big hand points to 12 it is o'clock and the number the little hand is pointing at tells you what 'o'clock' it is.


This week you could make a timeline of what you do through the day using o'clock times eg

8:00  Eat Breakfast

10:00  School work

12:00  Eat lunch

2:00  Play with toys

Maybe your child could have a go at drawing a picture of what they do at these times.

BBC Schools: Numbertime: Time - O'Clock

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