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informal letter writing

This week we are going to use the World Around Us research about Titanic and the letter plan from last week to write a letter as if we are a First Class passenger on board Titanic.

You are writing the letter on the first or second day on board so you will mention all of the fantastic surroundings that you can see and how luxurious everything is.

You are writing to a relative or friend so you may want to ask them how they are.

Think about the type of things that you would chat about with family and friends and perhaps include a few of them. Remember this is all happening in 1912 so you can't mention anything that is from our modern world, so no phones or PlayStation or X box.

Write in neat, careful joined up writing, in paragraphs. Use the example letter from last week for how to set out your writing.

Remember to email your finished letter to Mr Gullen and Mrs McDougall.

From Monday to Thursday we have also included a revision booklet for grammar and punctuation.

On Tuesday there is a comprehension about Titanic. Bananas are to answer the second set of questions and Apples are to answer the first set of questions.

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