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Week 8

Week 8 – Literacy

This week in Literacy we’re learning about lifecycles. By the end of the week we’d like you to write an explanation of a lifecycle of a sea creature. We’re also learning about diminutives this week. Diminutives are the words for smaller or younger things, e.g. puppy is the diminutive of dog, gosling is the diminutive of goose and kitchenette is the diminutive of kitchen. As always, begin with the starter activities and then move on to the written activities. You can complete these on paper by copying down from the screen or print them if you prefer. As Monday is a Bank Holiday, no work is set for this day. Don’t forget to learn your spellings for the week too. If you need help or support, please get in touch with Miss Boyd or Mr Bleakley. Have a great week.

Activity 1 - Diminutives

Charlotte's Web Chapter 15 The Crickets

Activity 2- Lifecycle of a spider

Sea Turtles 101 | National Geographic

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