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Numeracy Games

Games with number cards

1. Print 2 copies of the cards and play snap or pairs. 

2. Hide the cards for children to find and put in order. 

3. Place the cards scattered on the floor. Call out a number for your child to jump onto. 

4. Place the cards face up on a table. Call out a number for the two players to race to swat the number first.

5. Colour race - explained below.  

Colouring race game 

Who can colour their train the fastest? Print of 2 copies of the train your racing to colour. Take turns to turn over the number cards from above and colour in the corresponding number. If you turn over a number you have already coloured that is the end of your go. The winner is the first person to have coloured in the whole train. 



You will need number cards 1-9 to play this version

You will need number cards 8-15 for this version

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