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School Council


A school council does a number of things:

  • The school council meets - usually with a teacher present - to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the school council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as choosing playground equipment, sometimes contributing to the school newsletter articles, or meeting with catering staff.
  • Our school council is made up of 2 children from each class who have been voted for by the other class members to represent them.
  • Our school council meets once a month with Mrs McDougall to discuss current school issues. These can come from children within the school, council members or Mrs McDougall.


School Council Members


     P4 Room 7          


     P4 Room 8          


     P5 Room 9          


     P5 Room 10        


     P6 Room 11        


     P6 Room 12          


     P7 Room 13        


     P7 Room 14        


Meet the councillors - 





Marcus: I like to read. I like to speak to people. One of my favourite topics is World War 2. 

Roxy: I like to read. I like to play with my sister. I like hamsters. 

Katie: my name is Katie and I love writing stories and sleepovers. My best friend Abigail and I love swimming.

Luke: I like playing football. I like reading. I like playing with my cat.

Poppy: my name is Poppy and I love reading books. My mum made me a book cover. My best friends are Grace and and Madison.

Skye: I like swimming. I like reading and playing dodgeball.

James: I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up. I am interested in science and I love swimming.

Megan: I enjoy reading and doing crafts. I love to bake.

Sienna: I love to dance. I have hypermobility.

Racheal: I enjoy reading books and playing dodgeball.

School Council 2018


A success for School Council!

Mrs Martin agrees that the green hand soap does not smell as nice as the blue hand soap and will try only to order blue in future.

Asked by Mrs Gourley to look at the school discipline policy to take pupil opinion into account.

meeting again next week.


Toys audit complete. New toys requisition completed.

Class questions discussed and responses sought from the relevant staff.


Starting to audit boxes of small toys for the playground.

P3 want boxes too.

School Council pushing for new toys for the boxes.


Short meeting taking suggestions from classes and thinking about a charity project for June.

School Council with Representatives from Strathearn School Council

First meeting January

In our first school council meeting we introduced ourselves to each other and said why we wanted to be on school council. We started to make suggestion boxes for each classroom.


Second meeting February

We were very fortunate in our second meeting as 4 School Councillors from Strathearn School came to visit us to explain how a council works, positions on council and the importance of an agenda and keeping minutes.. The visitors were:

Emma Ferguson chair

Miriam Parker vice chair

Ellie Massey and Mairead Twamley KS3 class representatives.

We had a very interesting meeting which ended with the two groups of councillors discussing ideas for a project that we will have soon.

Thank you to Dr Emily Haire for accompanying the Strathearn Councillors and adding her own insight.

Keep watching for an update on our secret project. All will be revealed in time.

The School Council meets with the Lord Mayor of Belfast 2017

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