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Week 6- Beginning 8th February

This week for World Around Us we’d like you to find out about some of Egypt’s most famous or infamous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh ruled over Egypt and was worshipped like a god. The activity this week is a research task so it’s up to you to find out information about Cleopatra, Ramses 2nd and Hatshepsut. We’ve included a few links and a PowerPoint to get you started but then you need to find some information by yourself. We recommend that you use a safe search engine such as:

To help you find out some information. See if you can find an image of what they looked like too. Since there were no cameras in Ancient Egypt we rely on sculptures, death masks and tomb paintings to show us what the Pharaohs looked like. Pharaohs were often painted from a side profile. Perhaps you could have a go at drawing or painting yourself like this. I’ve included a few examples of this kind of portrait.

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