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We would suggest that the children work through the different activities one at a time during week. If they haven't got to the 'Writing Rules' activity by Thursday, we would recommend that they complete this activity along with the 'Matchstick patterns' and 'Patterns' activities on Thursday and Friday as they are going to extend their understanding of writing the rule for a number sequence clearly. We have done the first two on the 'Writing Rules' sheet as examples to show your children how they should be written - one for a sequence where the same number is being added to previous number each time and one where the same number is being subtracted from the previous number each time. They should use the wording of these for the remaining rules. If they really want to challenge themselves, they should try to answer as many of the Corbettmaths questions as they can at the end.


If your child is unsure about any of the questions, please send us a Seesaw message and we will help you!



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