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Week beginning 8th Feb

Welcome to week 6 of home learning.

Thank you to everyone sending in work.

When completing work remember to use your joined up writing and pen for at least half of your work so that you do not lose your skills.


Remember to send us messages if you need help or further explanation.

Please check Seesaw at least once a day for any communication.


This week is usually when we think about keeping safe on the internet.

We will be doing activities later in the year in school but we have a couple of activities for you to complete this week.

If you didn’t get the Cyber Security Mission completed last week then please complete it this week. 





We are starting Literacy this week in a different way. Instead of completing written work for English today we would like you to complete the Cyber Security game and survey.

Just follow the link and Mr Bleakly has it all clearly explained for you.

Monday WAU

Work through the Power point to learn about how coffee is grown and produced.

Unfortunately I didn't have a Power point about coffee production anywhere in Africa so I have used this from Colombia instead. The process is the same.

After you have read through the Power point, look at the sentences and pictures. You do not have to write down your own explanation. You could explain what is happening to someone in your family or you can send me a voice note with your answer, but please have a read through and see if you can explain the process for growing coffee.

Collins book 3 unit 10 Pronouns

Answer the questions about the story of a coffee bean in full sentences please.

Wednesday Literacy

Today will be your reading time.

If you have someone to read to then please read them your book and ask them to ask you questions about it.

Or complete all of the reading and activities for one of your Bug Club books.

Read through the Power point suggesting how coffee grounds could be used in a useful recycling way.

Then look at the questions and see if you can answer them orally (send a voice note or tell someone in your house).

Friday Literacy - Quest tale, Nyangara the fire python

It has been brought to my attention that those links may not work on every device. Hopefully one of these ones will. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, they are just slightly different versions of the same story. What is important is that you are able to make a comic strip based on the story you chose.

Nyangara the Python

Folktale from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Peter Amidon learned this story from his wife, Mary Alice Amidon, who'd learned it from Connecticut storyteller S...

Friday WAU

Just for a bit of fun, can you get any of the answers correct? My score was not impressive!

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