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Future Space City Sha Chorine - Round It Up Feat, Blazer Fresh & Sha (Offical Video)

Hi P4 this week we will be moving on to harder adding sums using HTO - but we know you can do it! Each lesson below will have either a Powerpoint, internet link or Youtube video to help explain things even more. Remember you can also ask us for any help on SEESAW. We will also be starting a topic called Perimeter which is to do with measuring around shapes. Good luck with all your work and remember to share photos or videos with us on SEESAW.

Lesson two HTO adding - watch the Youtube link first! Then try marking your own sums like a teacher and check that you have shown your working out. If you really struggle with HTO then continue with practising the TO adding - I have included a 2 digit column addition worksheet.

Column addition (with exchanging) | Addition and subtraction | Year 3 Maths

This nugget looks at adding 2, 3 digit numbers together using column addition (with exchange)For more content, subscribe to our channel which includes more v...

Column Addition Explained | Regrouping Tens | Year 3 Maths

Hello Year 3, In this video, I solve an addition calculation using the column method. This time, I have to regroup my tens, exchanging 10 tens for 1 hundred,...

Lesson 3 - The rounding Game - you will need a partner for this. Remember if you don't have a printer you can just copy it onto a page. You could send us a video of you playing the game!

Lesson 4 - Another Perimeter Lesson to revise lesson One

LESSON 5 - The Maths Magic Square - test your mental maths skills. Some problem solving for Friday. You can use a number line or the 100 sqaure to help you.

Hollabaloo: Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Sing, dance, and make your arms into gigantic math symbols as you compare numbers in this stellar song. Create a free account on now and find hu...

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