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26th - 29th May

This week we would like the children to learn about food chains, particularly some of those found in the rainforest.  Your child needs to watch the BBC Bitesize video and complete the BBC Bitesize activities.  The game relates to the savannah rather than the rainforest but it is still very useful for checking their understanding.  They then need to complete the two worksheets.  They can cut and stick the answers for the first worksheet if they want but just writing them in the boxes is fine.  If you want to extend them further, they could watch the BBC Teach video introducing food webs.  They then need to look at the rainforest food webs sheet, see if they can identify the different food chains represented and write them on a separate piece of paper.  There are 11 to find.  This is one of them to get them started:




The answers for all the worksheets are provided at the bottom of the page.

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