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Week 12 - 22/06/20

It is the last week of school before summer. In school, we would be enjoying lots of fun activities and getting outside as much as possible. Here are some fun practical activities and a summer maths revision book that goes over most of the topics we have covered this year. Enjoy your last week!


  •  On your daily walk find the highest and lowest number.
  •  Use the numbers in a car registration to make a sum.
  •  Count house numbers in 2s and look at which side of the street has odd or even numbers. 
  •  Draw a hopscotch to play with outside.
  •  Use 10 bottles and a ball to play bowling. This is perfect for going over number bonds for ten.
  •  Guess my number. Think of a number and get others to ask yes or no questions to help them guess your number. E.g. Is it odd? Is it more than 20? Does it have 3 tens?
  •  Who can find the longest/shortest stick? Who can jump the furthest?
  •  Make a tally chart of different car colours you count on your walk. 

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