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Week 9 - Week Beginning 8th March

Week 9- Mummification and Adverbs

This week in Literacy we’re finding out more about mummification and adverbs. The Egyptians mummified their dead so that their bodies were preserved for the afterlife. You can find out more in this week’s World Around Us activities.

Adverbs are descriptive words that give further information about the verb. Often adverbs end in the suffix ‘ly’ but not always. Sometimes adverbs describe when something will or has happened, e.g. I played football yesterday. In this sentence played is the verb and yesterday describes when the action took place.

On Monday, complete Online Activity 1 and then Written Activity 1. Watch the short clip about how they mummified a body and then read the comprehension text and answer the questions in full sentences.

On Tuesday you should complete Online Activity 3 so that you understand what an adverb is before adding your own adverbs to sentences in Written Activity 2.

Wednesday’s tasks are also about adverbs. Use Online Activity 3 to learn more about how choosing effective adverbs can improve your writing before completing the grammar activities in Written Activity 3.

As always, Thursday’s Literacy helps you to learn and understand your spelling words. The Online Activity 4 is a game about making a mummy. This will mean you are really prepared for tomorrow’s activity.

On Friday we want you to use all you have learnt this week about mummification to write a set of instructions for a first time embalmer. We’ve included a template but you can just write or type the instructions onto a page. If you are using the template, draw a picture of the stage in the empty box and in the other box explain what happens at that stage. There’s a key word in each of these boxes to remind you. We’ve uploaded a step by step instruction guide which you can use to help you write your own set of instructions- just remember in this guide the instructions run down the page. Also, we’ve given you a set of key words which we would like to see included in your instructions. Pictures for each stage would also be helpful.

Don’t forget to share your work with your teacher on Seesaw. Have a great week!

Online Activity 5- How to make a mummy - Len Bloch

View full lesson: anyone who's seen a mummy knows, ancient Egyptian priests went to a lot of troubl...

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