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Week 8 - 26/05/20

Topic: Change from 10p


Mental maths: Count in even numbers 2,4,6,8,10 

Video: Numbertime -change from 10p 

Practical: Start with 10 pennies. Take 2 pennies and ask how much is left. Encourage your child to count the remaining pennies and say 10p - 2p = 8p. Then repeat taking a different amount.

Worksheet: Finding change from 10p. Score out the number of pennies the fruit costs and count the remaining pennies to work out the change. 

Topic: Change from 10p


Mental maths: Count in odd numbers 1,3,5,7,9  

Practical: Create a fruit shop. Label the fruits with prices up to 10p. Start with 10p and buy different fruit from your child for them to work out the change. 

Website: Giving change - prices less than 10p

Worksheet: Fruit shop - Find the change 

Topic: Double amounts 


Mental maths: Hit the button - Doubles to 10 game - How many can you get?

Practical: Hold two of the same coins, 1 in each hand. Pretend to be a doubling robot. Show the child the amount in one hand and get them double to see how much you've got all together. 

Worksheet: Double your money 

Topic: Halving amounts 


Mental maths: Hit the button - Halves to 10 game 

Practical: Get your child to pick an amount to 10. Count out that many 1ps. Share them equally between two teddies. If it is an odd number explain that odd numbers don't split evenly. Find which numbers split evenly and what half of each amount is. 

Worksheet: You work at the Dino Museum. The museum shop is having a half price sale and you need to change all the prices. 

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