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We are going to be looking at 'weight' (or mass to use its proper mathematical name) this week. The activities will require the children to:

  • find the mass of different objects around the house;
  • read scales;
  • convert measurements in grams to kilograms (and vice versa);
  • solve problems involving mass.


Before starting this week's activities, they should watch the video and read the information on the BBC Bitesize resource below. They should also complete the quiz on grams and kilograms (they don't need to do Activity 1 and Activity 3). It would also be helpful to watch the Corbettmaths Primary to revise converting grams to kilograms (and vice versa). It also covers converting kilograms to tonnes (and vice versa) which are done in exactly the same way. You could also watch the two Oak National videos over the week as well. These are each about 20 minutes long but they are definitely worth watching as they cover some of the key concepts in a lot more depth. You could watch the first one on Tuesday and the second one on Wednesday (please note there is a short volume quiz on the second one which they need to complete but don't worry too much about the results of this as we haven't covered volume yet).

Corbettmaths Primary

Converting units of mass

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