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Working with the Education Welfare Service

Every Day Matters



Being reliable and punctually attending school is a valuable quality. A good standard of education is also essential to have good job prospects later in life. 


Is your child anxious about school?

  • Take any worries seriously
  • Try not to seem anxious yourself
  • Talk to the class teacher
  • Be sympathetic but firm with your child
  • Try to talk about school in a positive way
  • Don't give in and let your child stay at home


Time Waits for No One


Time-keeping is important. School begins at 9.00a.m and it is important that your child arrives on time. Lateness makes things difficult for everyone...

  • The lesson is disrupted
  • It unsettles the rest of the class
  • It makes the latecomer stand out
  • It sets a poor example for later in life



  • Your child should only miss school if medically unfit or due to a family bereavement.
  • Try to arrange non-urgent appointments outside school hours
  • At the end of every month your child's % attendance is printed out
  • A copy of this goes to the EDUCATION WELFARE OFFICER
  • If your child falls below 85% attendance, you will receive a letter from school
  • Regular periods of absence may mean you will be contacted by the school or have a visit from a Welfare Officer.


What can you do to help your child?


  • Be sympathetic but firm to your child about going to school
  • Ensure your child brings a letter written by you if they are absent
  • In term-time, don't take holidays
  • Non-urgent medical/dental appointments should be made outside of school hours
  • Get your child to school on time
  • Telephone the school if your child is sick
  • Rest is essential for children to perform well at school
  • Use positive words to talk about school
  • Ensure homework’s are completed


What is your child's attendance?


85% That’s 28 days absent or 5 school weeks and 3 days


75% That’s 47 days absent or 9 school weeks and 2 days


50% That's 94 days absent or 18 school weeks and 4 days


If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance


Contact the Principal

Mrs A. Gourley

Victoria Park Primary School

028 90471274




Education Welfare Officer

Mr F. Wallace – BELB

028 90564000
























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