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Week 5

Hello P6. This week we are learning about symmetry. It is a topic that you have done before so we will be doing word problems on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too.

As usual we have put up a lot of choices so that you can find something that you like and can do.

There are symmetry games too that can be used on any day.

There are three types of the symmetry that we will be looking at; reflection, rotational and translation.

Reflection is the type that you will be most familiar with, using a mirror.

Rotation symmetry would be like lifting the shape out of the page leaving a hole and as you turn the shape you see how many times it fits back into the shape of the hole.

Translation is when you move the shape to a new position on the grid.

Symmetry is done most easily on a printed out page but obviously most of you don't have access to printers so that is why we have included symmetry games.

Challenge - draw your own symmetrical picture and upload it to me. Remember you can have more than one line of symmetry. You can have across vertically or horizontally, or you can have it in a cross (like co-ords with negative numbers) and the shape has to be the same in both directions.

Challenge 2 - use a pen in your right hand and a pen in your left hand and see if you can draw a symmetrical picture starting and finishing at the same point. This is very tricky but fun.

Don't forget to send us your work;,

Any questions about AQE papers please ask. The paper this week is Windmill series 1 paper 2.

Maths with parents is Factors and Multiples beginning today and on Thursday the topic of angles will begin.

Don't forget that Friday is a Bank Holiday so you will have no school work from us.

Have a lovely week.

Mental Maths week 27

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