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Week 12 (22.6.20)


Dear Boys and Girls,

Welcome to week 12 of our HOME LEARNING. This is our final week of work!!

 We are continuing to learn about Fractions! Fractions are so helpful especially when you are trying to share things with your friends. Everyone likes an equal share!!!

Look at our  STAR words and tell your 'Helpful adult' what you think they mean: 

Fraction    divide   shapes  


amounts    half  quarters    fourths     third      tenth     fifth    sixth     eighth   ninth   equal parts


Numerator       Denominator     Vinculum


There are some very big words there, but don't panic! All will be revealed as you


1) Watch the Maths with parents video again - (Click the link below and it will take you to your log in page.)

 This will be vital to understand fractions!


2) Take the time to look at the BBc Bitesize information again before you begin your work- It will help you to understand.


3) I would suggest as before, that you look at this teaching and go over the Power Point before you begin the tasks each day. It will secure the learning for your child.


Have a great week and enjoy a lovely holiday. We look forward to seeing you in September! We will put a little helpful booklet on the website at the end of June, where you can see your lovely new teacher's picture and hear about Primary 4!! You will have so much fun!!

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