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Maths activities

Hi P4 -Welcome Back. We hope you had a fun week off and got the batteries recharged! We would like to remind you that you should try to do 1 maths lesson a day and 1 literacy lesson a day. Then you use the weekly planner to learn spellings and tables and look at all the other ideas for P.E. , Art , WAU , Music and Technology. We really need you to send photos of your work to Seesaw for us to give you feedback. Sometimes the lessons will be interactive online lessons. Other times you will need pencil and paper to do the work, or you may have to play a game with a family member. Make sure you watch all the video links and Powerpoints with each lesson to help you. This week we will be looking at times tables and dividing sums. We will also keep working on our number bonds to 100. Lastly we will be revising adding and subtracting using HTO Keep working hard P4.

Lesson 2 is an online interactive lesson

Complete the activities on the 2 BBCBITESIZE links -

you will need paper & pencil

Lesson 3 - Can you draw arrays to show the times table sum?

Lesson 4: In P3 you began to look at dividing sums. 

This means sharing into equal groups.

Watch the Dog Division Song and

Watch the BBCBITESIZE video and activity to remind you about dividing.  Then do the worksheet to show you understand it.

Division Song- My Dog Division

division #math #songA fun song I wrote for my 3rd and 4th graders to help introduce the concept of division and quotients!Lyrics:I knew it was really,A sill...

Lesson 4 - Follow up worksheet

Lesson 5 - You have been doing lots of work every week on adding HTO and take away HTO. We can see you are all doing really well. WE sent some videos to the SEESAW App explaining and revisiting how to do theses sums. Todays work is a mix of both Adding and Subtracting. Give it a go and remember to send us photos of your hard work.

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