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Newspaper article planning

Good morning P6,


I hope everybody had an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

This week in Literacy we are going to plan for writing a newspaper article about the Titanic disaster and next week we will write the actual newspaper report. Remember to show clear differences between the opinions belonging to people and facts of the situation. If you quote the words someone said, you need to put their words in speech marks.


There are different aspects to write from;

What?    What happened? What caused the collision? How was it dealt with?

When?   When did it happen? Give a timeline of events (use Tuesday's activity to help).

Who?     Who survived the disaster? Who didn't survive? Write about a few people on board especially famous wealthy people or members of the crew. Is anyone to blame for the disaster? Were there mistakes made when building Titanic or decisions made during the crossing? Include any quotes from survivors.

Where?   Where was the ship when the disaster happened? Show a map with important points on the route mentioned and the route shown. Where were they going? Where were the survivors taken after? What ship picked up survivors? Where had that ship been sailing to and where did it take the survivors to instead?

Why?      Why did the disaster happen? Why did so many people die? Remember to mentioned the various issues, binoculars, lifeboats, speed, etc.

How?      How could the disaster have been avoided? The lessons learned by ship owners and authorities. How was this stopped from happening again?


Along with the online activities and worksheets I want to help you to use the support sections of the website to support your interest, enthusiasm and persistence with your work.

Have a good week everybody and remember to keep sending us updates and pictures of what you have been up to.

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