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Once Upon A Time- The 3 Little Pigs

Our story for this week is

The Three Little Pigs



Read the story of The Three Little Pigs either from a book at home, using the  youtube video attached.  Talk about the pictures and look for words you know as you read it.  What’s your favourite part of the story?  Can you describe the characters?

The Three Little Pigs - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

Our new words for this week are

in       on

Start by revising all the words you know so far either with your word cards or the Familiar Words Powerpoint (see previous webpage).  Introduce the new words 'in' and 'on'.  Can you put each word into a sentence? Practise writing them on paper/whiteboard or make the words using playdough. 

Games to play-

* Hide all the words around the house and ask your child to find them and say the word.

* Have a password for the day eg todays password is in / on.  Children have to say the password before watching TV, playing their ipad, having a snack etc.

* Play 'Splat the word'.  Place all the cards facing up on the table.  Call out a word and your child has to splat the word using a wooden spoon etc.



New Familiar Word Cards   ***(Print pages 1 & 2 only)***


Included below for you to print is the final set of familiar words we teach in Primary 1. 

You can cut out the words we are teaching each week and add them to your child's word box.  


Only introduce the new words if your child is confident saying most of the words taught so far.


Unable to print? You can make your own on paper or card! smiley

Just make sure you use the same letter formation we have used.

Sound Revision

This week revise the sounds

c k e h

Make sure your child can say the sounds and write them using the correct letter formation.

Use the Jolly Phonics songs to help.


Word Building

Use your sound cards

s  a  t  p  i  n  c  k  e  h

Can you build the words

can  hen  kit  hat  can  ten  set  hip  pet  hit  


Word Grid and instructions are below.

If you can't print the word grid out, just draw it on paper or a whiteboard.

If you need to make this activity a little harder for your child, encourage them to write the sounds rather than use their word cards.

You can use these printable sound cards if you need any extras.

More Activity Ideas-

* Three Little Pigs Sequencing Activity (see link below).

* Draw the wolf and write your own sentence eg 'Look I am a bad wolf' 'I will huff and puff' etc

* With an adult, make and write a card from the wolf to the 3 Little Pigs to say sorry for trying to blow the houses down.

* Design a new house for the 3 Little Pigs to live in.

* Draw 3 houses and use materials to complete them eg straws, lollipop sticks, red paper for bricks.


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