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Week 7- Week Beginning 22nd February

Week 7- weight

This week in numeracy our topic is weight. We hope that the children will be able to complete some practical activities in the home as well as learning how to convert between grams and kilograms.


Monday’s activity asks the children to consider the most appropriate unit of measurement for weight. Heavier objects should be measured in kilograms whilst lighter items are measured in grams.

On Tuesday you are practising reading scales, a very important life skill. Remember to use a ruler to draw on the pointer.

Wednesday’s activity is a practical one. Have a look around your home and find some objects to weigh using household scales. Remember to estimate the weight first. If you don’t have scales in the house, choose items from the cupboard that have the weight marked on the label. Don’t look at the label and estimate the weight first before finding out its true weight.

On Thursday you are converting between grams and kilograms. Remember there are 1000g in 1 kg.

Finally, on Friday order the shopping list in order of their weight. You don’t have to print the pictures, you can simply create a new shopping list that orders each item from lightest to heaviest.


Alongside this week’s written activities we’re encouraging you to get into the kitchen to practise your weighing skills. We’re holding a Great P5 Bake Off. Your teacher will send you more details about this on Seesaw but we’ve also included details about it below. This activity is optional but we hope many of you will participate.


Don’t forget to share your work with your teachers on Seesaw or via email. Have a great week!


Online Activities 

Online Activity 1 - Using grams and kilograms | Maths - Let's do Maths

Online Activity 2 - Using a Scale - Kilograms

The Great P5 Bake Off

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