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Activities for Week Beginning 15/6/20

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Numbers within 10



Number Revision


Watch Numerblocks 12.

* Look at a Numberline to 20.

* What comes before/ after 12? Find 1 more/ 1 less than 12.

* Make groups of 12 objects from around the house or outside in the garden.



Numberblocks - Number Twelve | Learn to Count

Sesame Street: 12 Little Chicks Song


Money – watch Numbertime Money 1p 2p (attached below)

Set up a toy shop. Label the toys either 1p or 2p. Use 1p and 2p coins to pay.Take it in turns to be the shop keeper or customer.

Play Topmarks Toyshop Money game. Select 1p up to 10p. Move on to 2p up to 20p if able.


Numbertime - British Money - 1p 2p

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