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Week 10

Week 10

This week we are thinking all about those brave explorers who sailed across the world on high seas looking for new places or new routes to get to their destinations faster.  In particular we are looking at one of the most famous, Christopher Columbus.  Many people have heard of his name before, and in the USA, they even have a holiday named after him, but much of what people think they know about him is actually not true.  Have a read at the information about Christopher Columbus and see if you can find the correct information. 

This week we also continue to look at homophones, this week focussing on were.  At the end of the week, your writing task is to pack a bag to take with you on a voyage of discovery.  You will need to think carefully about what Columbus experienced and what problem he had to decide what you want to take.  Remember there was no digital technology back then!  If you find yourself with some extra time this week, why not research some other famous explorers, such as Sir Francis Drake.  You might even want to create a PowerPoint presentation about them. 

As always, please do keep in contact with your teacher, and send them through pictures of you working hard and the final product, either through SeeSaw or by email.

Have a great week!


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