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Activities for Week Beginning 25/5/20

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Numbers within 4

Numbers within 5



Number Revision

Revision- Number 9

Practise formation 9

Look at a numberline. What number comes before/ after 9. Find 1 more/ 1 less than 9.

Watch Numberblocks and Numbertime no 9.


Make groups of 9 objects from around the house/outside.

Numberblocks - Strong Nine! | Learn to Count

BBC Schools: Numbertime: Numbers 1 to 10 - Number 9 (1998)


Use play dough/ wool/ pipecleaners or Lego to make four worms of different lengths. With an adult use a ruler to measure them and put them in order from longest to shortest.



Have a go at the ordering lengths activity belowsmiley

Ordering Lengths Activity

Longer and Shorter & Longest and Shortest | Comparison for Kids | Learn Pre-School Concepts

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