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Hi P4 - This week will will continue to look at Time, moving on to counting in intervals of 15 minutes.  We will also continue with our Fact Families using multiplying and dividing.  It is important that we develop our mental maths skills and strategies to help us.  Furthermore, we will do another quiz on Friday as we think this is a nice way to finish the week after all your hard work.  It also gives us feedback about your understanding of the work.  Remember to send photos of your work via the Seesaw App.  Finally make sure you watch any Youtube links, teacher videos or Powerpoints to help you.  Wednesday is St Patricks day and the school will be closed therefore no Online learning.

Monday - Lesson One - Relating Multiplication to Division (Fact Families)

Lesson One - Fact Families revision

Tuesday Lesson 2 -Answering a Word Problem Using Multiplication and Repeated Addition.

Example of how to answer a word problem using multiplication and repeated addition.

Thursday Lesson 3 - Revision: Learn to tell time: quarter past, half past and quarter to & Time questions

You can also look back at last weeks videos

Lesson 3 - 15 minute intervals - Digital time ( 2 worksheets) You may have to draw out clock faces

Thursday Lesson 3- What's the time? Questions

Friday Lesson 4- Quiz Time -

Fact Families    Number Bonds    Time     Place Value

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