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Week 7 - 18/05/20

Topic: Place Value - Making teen numbers 


Mental maths: count in tens to 100

Website: Numberblocks - Ten's Place 

Worksheet: Cut and stick teen numbers 

Topic: Adding within 20 


Mental maths: Find the number between rocket game 

Website:  Numberblocks addition mission video 

Worksheet: Adding by counting on - Page 2 

Topic: Adding within 20 - Money 


Mental maths: Using coins make an amount within 10p. Can they count the amount? Then swap and give them an amount to make with the coins. 

Website:  Paying for ice-creams. 

Worksheet:  How much do the ice-creams cost? Page 3. 

Topic: Subtracting within 20 


Mental maths: How many counters under the hand?  

Website:  Video - Numberjacks subtracting  

Worksheet:  Space subtracting worksheet  

Topic: Adding and subtracting within 20


Mental maths:  Number before and after within 20. E.g. What comes before 15? What comes after 12?

Practical: Make sets of objects and then add some and record the sum. Then take away some and record the sum together. E.g. Make a set of 12 forks. Add two more forks and record 12+2=14. Make a set of 16 socks. Remove 4 socks and record 16-4=12    

Worksheet:  Addition and subtraction within 20 

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