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Week 8

Did  you enjoy our story, 'Finding Your Voice'? Can you draw a picture of the different birds singing in the Dawn Chorus? Have a look at the picture below for inspiration. This page does not need to be printed but may help you draw your own Dawn Chorus scene. You could even look for pictures of birds in newspapers or magazines and cut them out to add in! We can’t wait to see your creativity.

Week 7 - The Messy Magpie Challenge!

Week 6 - Draw With Rob - Robin

✏️Have you got paper and a pencil? Skip to 3:13 to start drawing a beautiful robin!

Week 5


It's cold and wintry. The little birds in our parks and gardens find it hard to find food. We can help them by making a bird feeding ball. They will love it!

Make a paper snowflake


Have a go at making a lovely paper snow flake - be careful with the scissors and don't cut all the way through your snowflake. Your helpful adult will show you how to do it. Each snowflake you make will be unique! Hang them up around your house and take a picture. We would love to see them!

Jan/Feb 2021
May/ June 2020

Here are some Art ideas based on our topic about Castles.


Can you use kitchen roll tubes, cereal boxes and egg cartons to make a 3D castle?

Can you use cereal boxes, coloured paper and paints to make a shield?

Can you use paper and tinfoil to make a knight's armour?


Look at the pictures below for some inspiration...

March/April. How to Draw a Dragon Step by step and easy

How to Draw Dragon step by step easy In this video we are going to learn how to draw a Dragon easy. This is quite easy drawing and I am sure all of you are g...

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