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Week 2 - 30/03/20

Remember to check out the videos and activities on Maths with Parents. Email a teacher if you need any help getting signed up to it. We are really enjoying seeing the kids work and getting updates on how they are getting on. 


Topic: Mass

Practical: Find food items with different weights. Ask your child to compare two items and guess which is heavier and which is lighter. 


A good way to introduce children to weight is to bake with them. Here is a simple recipe for fairy buns. 








Topic: Numbers 50 to 100 and beyond - Lesson 1


Mental maths: Count forwards in 10s to 100

Website: Counting in tens song 

New Learning: Counting in tens powerpoint 

Worksheet: Cut and stick counting in tens 

Topic: Numbers 50 to 100 and beyond - Lesson 2


Mental maths: count backwards in tens from 100

Website: Numberblocks - Ten's Place 

Worksheet: Cut and stick teen numbers 




Topic: Numbers 50 to 100 and beyond - Lesson 3


Mental maths: Count forwards to 110 in 1s from different starting numbers e.g. 96, 84, 79

Game: Place value snap cards 

New learning: Tens and ones powerpoint 

Website: Place value pieces. Use this website to practise making different 2digit numbers using ten rods and ones (yellow cubes) 

Worksheet: Tens and ones  



Topic: Numbers 50 to 100 and beyond - Lesson 4


Mental maths: counting back from 110 in 1s 

Worksheet: Representing tens and ones in a different way. Egg worksheet.  

Website: Topmarks - Place value basketball

                  ICT Games - Shark numbers 

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