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Week 4

This week we are looking at function machines.


Function machines are just a way of asking you to carry out more than one operation. You will be given a starting number and then be given one or more operations to carry out.

e.g. 5 →x2→+1→11


This gets a little trickier when you are given the answer and need to find the starting number.

e.g. ?→x5→+2→27

What do you think you will do here?

In this case you need to work backwards, starting at the end.

You will take your 27, subtract 2, then divide by 5

What was the starting number?


I have included a few extra activities underneath. Please don't feel under pressure to do these, however if your child is working well they can give them a go.

Thursday - These are taken from various test papers and show how function machines can be disguised in problems

Friday Problem Solving

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