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Week 9 - 1/06/20

Topic: Repeated addition 


Mental maths: Number bonds for 10 game 

Video: Repeated addition/Groups of - Powtoon 

Practical: Set out shoes or socks in groups of 2. Get your child to count in 2s to find how many ssocks/shoes altogether. There is 4 sets of socks, 2,4,6,8 there are 8 socks altogether. Show them that it can be written as 2+2+2+2=8.

Worksheet: How many duck legs? Encourage the child to write the sum and the answer. E.g. 2+2+2=6

Topic: Repeated addition 


Mental maths: Counting in 5s game. Get family to hold their hands behind their back. Shout go and people hold up 0,1 or 2 hands. The child counts in fives to see how many fingers are held up altogether.  

Powerpoint: Equal groups of objects 

Worksheet: Repeated addition counting in sets of 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Same worksheet but in a word document

Topic: Repeated addition 


Mental maths: Doubles pairs game 

Practical: Choose objects from around the house to make sets. E.g. 3 sets of 2 apples is 6 altogether, 2 sets of 5 teddies is 10 teddies altogether. 

Worksheet: Drawing sets worksheet

Topic: Sharing 


Mental maths: Halves dartboard 

Video: Numberjacks - Fair shares  

Practical: Enjoy a picnic. Place out a plate for each person. Let your child share the food equally among the plates. Encourage them to give 1 to each plate and continue until they have none left. Get them to check that they have been fair and each person has the same.

Worksheet:  Cut and stick sharing worksheet. 

Topic: Sharing 


Mental maths: Topmarks - Hit the button - Halves  

Powerpoint: Sharing into equal sets

Practical: Give your child a set of 12 objects. How many different ways can they share them equally? E.g. 1 group of 12, 3groups of 4, 2 groups of 6...

Worksheet:  Sharing dinosaur eggs into nests 

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