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Activities for week beginning 25/5/20

Wiggly worms! 

Watch the videos below and see what interesting facts you can find out about worms.



Worms Are Wonderful

Worms - Invertebrate animals for kids - Natural Science for kids

Secret Place

What can you find living under a rock?  With an adult carefully turn over a rock that hasn't been touched for a while. Notice any insects that rush away. Watch the animals to see where they are going and what they are doing. Look at  the soil beneath the rock with a magnifying glass if you have one. What do you find?  Small insects you might find would be ants, millipedes, worms, centipedes, slugs, caterpillars, spiders and beetles. Put the rock back exactly as you found it.

Many insects live in dark, moist places. The soil under rocks provides the perfect environment for these insects. The living things you find under the rock differ depending on where the rock is  and time of year. The insects moved quickly to escape the light.

You could use this sheet to record what insects you find.

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