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Literacy Activities

Literacy activities 22.6.20

As this is our last week of work, we have posted some more fun activities for you to do this week. As well as your spellings there is an activity to design a planet and a scavenger hunt that you could do with your family. We would also like you to go onto Newsdesk and comment on an article that you have read. There are also  the instructions on how to publish your work. It's very exciting to see the articles that children in our class have already put up! We have also made a trail around Victoria Park for you to do, with lots of fun questions to answer. We will put up the answers to it next Monday.

Well done for writing such brilliant haikus last week, we really enjoyed reading them! This week we are going to be writing a report about a planet. Choose a planets two write about. You can find out facts about them from Junior Newsdesk where there is a great pod cast called Secrets of the solar system or from the facts below. You can get facts from books too if you want. Finally you are going to write a report about a planet . Add a picture too.

Remember you don't have to print these out, you can do them in a book or on a piece of paper.


This week we are going to be learning more about homophones and facts and opinions. Both are these are on BBC Bitesize and have all the activities attached.For the homophone work just try the first two activities. For the facts and opinions try the second activity. We will also be learning about the difference past and present tense. Watch the videos before you try the first six sentences on the separate sheet. Our creative writing this week is to write a haiku. I have added a Powerpoint to look at before you start and also some examples to help. There is a planning sheet to help you get your ideas together before you start. If you need any help with anything please email us and we will be happy to help.

An explanation of a Haiku

Comprehension 8.6.20

Week beginning 1.6.20

This week we are going to start to do some work about the writer Jeremy Strong. He has written a book called 'I'm telling you they're aliens'. The first thing you need to do is listen to the story on the link below. You are then going to find out some facts about him. For this week's writing you are then going to write a description of an alien that you imagine has come out of a space ship! You can plan your work one day then write your description the next. Remember you don't have to print out the sheets, you can write the answers on a page or in a book

Help with your creative writing

Comprehension 1.6.20

Good morning P4, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! This week we have some new grammar work. We will be learning about the homophones where and wear and making singular nouns plural. Look at the powerpoints underneath before you start to help you. For your independent writing you are going to do a Wanted poster for an alien! Use your adjectives from last week to help you. Please contact us if you don't understand anything, we are here to help.smiley

Comprehension 26.5.20

Answers to week 6 comprehension

Literacy 18.5.20

This week as well as comprehensions and the spelling activity, you are going to write a newspaper front page about an alien landing on the front page! You are going to imagine an alien has landed on the school field and has left his spaceship. You will describe an alien and plan your report before you write it. There are links below to help you do this. You only really have to print out the spelling sheet this week. Try and complete the comprehensions and the other worksheets before you look at the answers. Remember you can send photos of your work to us if you like.

Weekly Comprehensions 18.5.20

Answers 11.5.20

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  Try and find as many words as you can in the wordsearch. Write one sentence for three of the words.

Easter Greeting

Weekly comprehensions -try to do at least one a week

Answers for week beginning 23.3.20

Comprehension Week beginning 27.4.20

Answers for week beginning 27.4.20

Week Beginning 4.5.20 Only four activities this week as Friday is a bank holiday! Use a Bug Club book for your book review.

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