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Activities for Week Beginning 22/6/20


Outdoor Maths

 This week have fun outside by trying out some of these maths games:


  •  Go on a number/ shape or pattern hunt - look around your house and outside for repeating patterns, shapes and numbers.


  • Draw some large shapes or numbers on the ground with chalk. Jump onto the number or shape called out by a family member. Swap roles.

You could make this harder by saying, "Jump to the number after/before... 1 more/ 1 less than.... Jump to the shape that has 4 sides the same..." 




  • Play What's the Time Mr Wolf?


  • Number Skittles - Pick a number to try to knock down/ say which number/ numbers you have knocked over.
  • Subtraction Bowling - How many skittles did you knock down? How many are left? You could have a go at writing the sum eg 6 - 2 = 4.

You can use skittles or bottles. 

  • Fun Fitness dice game – ask an adult to write down/ draw an exercise for each number on a dice eg

1 = star jumps

2 = frog hops

3 = squats

4 = press ups

5 = sit ups

6 = run on the spot

Roll the dice. If you roll 1 do 5 star jumps, roll 2 do 5 frog hops etc

You could think of some more moves using 2 dice to practice your adding.

  • Make a chart to help you count objects you have collected from outside.
  • Maybe you could make up a maths game with your family for you all to play.


  •  You might also want to play some of the games you have enjoyed from previous weeks again.

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