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Week 6 (11.5.20)

Dear Boys and Girls welcome to week 6 of home learning- You are doing so well and we are so proud of you. We hope you enjoyed our fishing game and becoming super multipliers!!


Keep your skill level up by having a go at our new game HIT THE BUTTON!


Also have a go at our bbc dance mat challenge and learn the next level - teach your fingers how to use the keyboard!


This week we are going to be thinking about word problems within 20.


Here are some helpful hints!


You will have an addition problem and a subtraction problem each day.

You are a number detective!!!


  • Read and re-read the word problem. Check with a helpful adult and words you are not sure of.
  • Highlight or underline any important words in your word problem which will help you to understand what you need to do.
  • You can use many different strategies to help you with the number problem - you can draw it! or use a ten frame or a twenty frame! or a number line!
  • In our worksheets this week we are going to use them all to complete the work.


Your challenge at the end of the week is to make up your own word problem and illustrate it using all the different helpful strategies. Remember to send me pictures of your super work!


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