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Numeracy Activities

This week we are focusing on ten frames. Ten frames are an important teaching tool to help children recognise how numbers can be represented. As the week progresses see if the children can tell you the number without having to count the counters. Examples: I can see it's the number 5 because the top row is full and the bottom row is empty. I know it's 9 because there is one space without a counter and ten minus 1 is 9. The number is 6 because the bottom row is full, which is 5 and there's only one on the top row making 6.  


If you feel that your child is not ready for numbers to 10, click on the star below to find number recognition to 6 work. 


Write the number shown in the ten frames. 


Cut and stick ten frames from 1 to 10. 


Count the pencils and colour the ten frame to match. 


Colour the ten frame that matches the number. 


Colour the ten frames to match the numbers and then colour the greater number. 

Bonus Activity - Writing numbers to ten

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