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Week 2 (30.3.20)

Boys and Girls,

I hope your first week at home school went well. Thank you so much to those who sent me emails and some photographs of you doing your lovely work. Well done to you  all!

This week we are working on partitioning of Tens and Ones and on Thursday and Friday addition using

If I know..... Then I know....

Example: 23 + 15

If I know 2 + 1 = 3

Then I know 20 + 10 =30

3 + 5 = 8

30+8 = 38

I know you can do the work in your group folders - so enjoy showing your helpful adult how you can have a go!  from Mrs Thom

Start each day with a mental maths session:

  1. Use tap and clap rhythm to count in 10's to 100
  2. Use tap and clap rhythm to count in 5's to 100
  3. Use tap and clap rhythm to count in 2's to 50
  4. Use tap and clap rhythm to count in 3's  to 30

Use your 100 grid if you need some help.

Ask your helpful adult to ask you an o'clock time, some half past times, quarter past and quarter to

to show them the times on your clock.


Keep counting!

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