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Activities for Week Beginning 30/3/20

'Jack and the Beanstalk' Number Fun


Activity 1-

The Giant had big feet. Draw around the foot of each family member. Cut them out and measure them by comparing them or by using blocks eg lego. Whose feet are the biggest/ smallest/ bigger than/ smaller than. How many cubes did you use for each foot? Whose foot measured the most/fewest cubes. Can you find something longer/ shorter than/ about the same length as your footprint?


Activity 2-

Sort a packet of jelly beans for colour. Count how many of each colour. Are there more/ less pink than orange etc Add on 1 more/ take 1 away how many now?


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Number revision

  • Practise formation 3.
  • Look at a numberline (either use the link attached or make your own). What number comes before/ after 3. Find 1 more/ 1 less than 3.
  • Watch Numberblocks and Numbertime no.3
  • Make groups of 3 objects from around the house/outside.
  • Practise counting from different starts within 20 eg start at 3 etc.


Number 3

Numberblocks - Number 3

Revise months of the year:

Months Of The Year Song

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