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Numeracy Activities

This week we are learning the addition strategy of making ten and counting on. For example, when adding 8 and 5 we add 2 onto the 8 to make ten and then add the other 3 to make 13. This can be a difficult strategy for children to grasp. In P.2. we introduce this to the children and then it is built upon in P.3. We will start the week with revising our number bonds to ten to help prepare us for the addition work later on in the week. 



Page 1 - Write the sum to match the number stick. 

Page 2 - Extra challenge: Can you make ten your own ways on the number sticks?


Cut the number shapes and use them to make ten. Alternatively, use two colours to colour the spots in different ways to make ten. E.g. 1 coloured red and 9 coloured blue - 9 + 1 = 10


Write the sums in two different ways to match the pictures. E.g. 9 orange cars and 1 blue car - 9+1=10 and 1+9=10 


Draw the counters on the 20 frame. Fill the top ten frame first before moving to the bottom ten frame. The children are learning to make ten first and then add on. The children have done lots of work on 10 frames and shouldn't need to count the counters every time. For example they should be able to say, 'I know the number is 5 as the top row is full and the bottom is empty' or 'the number is 19 because there is only one space on the 20 frame.'  


Continuing on from the work yesterday but using ten rods instead. Colour the first ten rod before moving to the second one. Making the ten and then counting on to complete the addition sum. 

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