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Week 5 - 4/05/20

Topic: Money - sorting coins 


Mental maths: Subtract 1 from any number to 20

Website: Money song 

Practical: Using 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2. Look at the coins and discuss the different features. Hide a coin in your hand and give clues to which coin you are hiding. E.g. It is silver and has some straight edges. It is worth more than 20p. Or get your child to ask questions to guess the coin. Is it bronze? Then let your child have a go at hiding the coin. 

Worksheet: Cut and sort the coins into the Venn diagram. If the coin is silver and round place it in the middle of the 2 circles. Decide with the children where they think the £1 and £2 coins should go. 

Topic: Money - ordering coins


Mental maths: Place number cards 1- 10 around the room. Run to the number 1 more than 9. Run to the number 1 less than 4 etc.  

Game: Ordering coins game - 1p to 20p 

Practical: Use real coins and help your child put them in order of value 1p - 20p. Discuss with them how much each coin is worth e.g. relate it to them 1p equals 1p chew etc. Point out that the coins aren't in order of size, 5p coin is smaller than 2p coin but it is worth more. 

Worksheet: Cut and stick coins in order worksheet

Topic: Numbers to 20 


Mental maths: Number bonds for 10 e.g. What do you add to 8 to make 10? 

New learning: All about 20 Powerpoint 

Practical: Can you count 20 objects outside? Make sets of 20 stones, sticks, leaves etc. 

Worksheet: All about 20

Topic: Numbers to 20 


Mental maths: Splat the numbers game for numbers before, after and in between up to 20. E.g. Splat the number that comes before 16? What comes after 19?

Practical: Place number cards 11 -20 around the room. Get child to run to the number 14 etc. Then use the same cards and face them all down on the ground. Child picks a number and has to make a set of toys for that number. 

Worksheet: Fill in the missing numbers to 20. Make sure to form all the numbers the correct way. 

Friday - May Day holiday. Enjoy your day off. 

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